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Marketing Drone, Aerial Photography Drone, Aerial Videography Drone, Real Estate DroneAerial Imagery
Enhance your marketing projects and sales presentations with stunning images captured from a bird's eye view. Showcase your talents with high-impact collateral using dramatic aerial photographs and aerial videography.


Construction Drone, Construction Progress Report Drone, Construction Aerial Photography Drone, Construction Aerial Inspection Drone Jobsite Intel Provide aerial photo and video progress reports to management, project teams, and clients. Map project sites quickly with terrain modeling and volumetric analysis. Create 3D models and point clouds for BIM software.


Infrastructure Drone, Inspection Drone, Planning and Development Drone, Asset Management DroneQuality Control
Safely inspect hard-to-reach assets like bridges, pipelines, flare stacks, wind turbines, and solar panels. Detect system degradation early with multi-spectral analysis of aerial imagery. Plan civil infrastructure projects with a “30,000-foot view.”


Land Management Drone, Precision Agriculture Drone, Worksite Intelligence Drone, Tract Survey Drone Advanced Ag
Capture detailed aerial data of worksites, crops, and surrounding areas so management can make informed decisions. Complex aerial data is simplified using orthomosaics, terrain models, NDVI analysis, and 3D modeling.



Wavepilot helps businesses and government agencies acquire valuable aerial data – photos, videos, thermal imagery, 3D modeling, GIS, point clouds, and other useful deliverables. We meticulously plan each flight to provide you with the most meaningful and actionable data for your project.

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