Top Ways Drones are Changing Marketing

Top Ways Drones are Changing Marketing

Drones are slowly taking over the world. They are not just toys anymore, either. Drones are being used in many different industries and are changing the way they are being used in many others. One industry where drones have taken over and are gradually changing how things are being done is marketing. Drones provide more opportunities than other methods have in the past. These are just a few ways that drones are changing the marketing industry and allowing for even more potential in the future:

  • Physically advertising products and reaching customers. In 2014, drones were used for the first time as a flying billboard. With drones, there is a lot more flexibility that can be used in terms of reaching people. They can carry signs indicating a sale at a local store, to invite guests to the next part of an event, and more.
  • As actors in videos or key part of a service. Even though drones have been around for some time, there are still some people who are confused by them. Many marketers have used this to their advantage as a surprise factor in a video. Another way this has been used is by Amazon in their 2013 video where they focused on delivering items in 30 minutes or less. This is not actually how they deliver items (yet) but drones served a key purpose in their hype video about their new service. This was revolutionary then but now you can see drones in all kinds of marketing and advertising.
  • As a way to innovate videography. Videography is a key part of any marketing campaign but through the use of drones, it has become even better. Now companies are able to use drones as part of their video tools. They have used them as a way to film parts of their videos and create innovative content. Beyond that, it also cuts the cost of their production of these videos which is a win-win in the industry.

These are not the only ways that drones have been used in the marketing space but to date they are the most impactful. These ideas were generated by one company and have since been used by many. It will be interesting to see where drones take the marketing industry in the future.


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