Aerial Photography Jacksonville Drones: Your Eye in the Sky for Surveillance, Survey-ance and More

Aerial Photography Jacksonville Drones: Your Eye in the Sky for Surveillance, Survey-ance and More

Remote controlled camera aerial photography Jacksonville drones have become a household staple as a toy for children and a hobby for adults. It’s also common knowledge that delivery services like UPS and Amazon Fulfillment are now looking to drone technology to revolutionize the way they deliver packages. But there are far more practical and commercial applications where drones can be eminently useful. Best of all, you don’t need a whole fleet of flying drone robots to benefit from their impressive capabilities.


For business owners with large amounts of property, camera equipped R/C drones are an excellent supplement to a security staff. Security workers can use drones to fly overhead and gain safe visual access where they would otherwise have to climb, walk long distances, or ignore an area entirely.


Before aerial photography Jacksonville drones, big ag farmers had to walk, drive, or charter a helicopter in order to fully survey their property. Before drones, a helicopter was the best- but most expensive option. Today farmers- and anyone with large amounts of property to cover and document- can use remote control drones to photograph assets, spot problems, and create aerial photos of buildings, acreage, and the surrounding area.

Loss Prevention

It has been a standard for some time now that in-store theft should not be confronted in order to avoid frightening patrons and avoiding all of the liabilities that come with physical conflict between security people and shoplifters. Today, rather than doing nothing- or pursuing a shoplifter on foot- camera drones can be used to follow thieves into parking lots, record escape routes, and document license plates. What’s more, the idea of being pursued by a drone aircraft can create such a feeling of intimidation that future shoplifters may be deterred ahead of time.

Search and Rescue

Drones can go safely into areas where humans cannot for aerial photography Jacksonville. This makes these devices a huge boon to search and rescue personnel who no longer need to brave an unstable structure or venture into areas where heat or toxic conditions may exist to search for people in distress. Camera equipped R/C drones are already being used in national parks and in cities by emergency crews to search for lost or endangered people. Search and rescue professionals can cut search times down to a fraction of what was previously necessary. This has resulted in more lives saved, and the reduced expenditure of vital resources.


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