Jacksonville Drone Services: Drones Can Improve Farm Health and Lower Costs

Jacksonville Drone Services: Drones Can Improve Farm Health and Lower Costs  


Perhaps nothing makes the point stronger that Jacksonville Drone Services are the future than the immense benefits enjoyed by the world’s oldest industry, farming. Drones are revolutionizing agriculture by making it more precise and cost-efficient. The eye-in-the-sky capabilities they bring to challenges facing contemporary fields, allows farmer to produce greater yields at a significantly reduced cost. Here are three reasons to consider utilizing our Jacksonville, FL, drone services.


Improved Information


Jacksonville Drone Services can be outfitted with a variety of tools that communicate critical information back to a computer or device. You can be sitting in an office or at the kitchen table and know the status of your farm. Infrared mapping tools have proven incredibly valuable in agriculture because farmers can see the areas where crops require water and assistance. Old fashioned methods include trapesing through the fields, checking leaves and stalks for whither and bugs. Considering the vast acreage of many farms, that’s an enormous amount of time to spend on hit-or-miss labor. Crop mapping pinpoints problem areas so that you can act in real time. See our Land Management services: Click Here.


Targeted Crop Spraying


The era of low-flying planes dousing plants with chemicals to combat pests was grossly inefficient and hazardous. Insect killers often have toxins that impact other creatures and humans. Wind gusts can make them a serious health hazard to the community. But drones don’t emit massive clouds. By employing lasers and ultrasonic tools, operators are able to focus on small areas that require immediate treatment. This targeted approach reduces products quantities, streamlines usage and keeps people safe.


Livestock Monitoring


Cowboys tracking down and roping livestock may seem picturesque in the movies, but it’s a major chore in everyday farming. Today’s smart drones can be outfitted to monitor the location and health of farm animals. Cameras can help you identify an injured animal so that you can respond and get it to a secure location for treatment. The process is both humane and helps farmers maintain a healthy herd.


Contact a Professional Jacksonville Drone Services Company


The Federal Aviation Administration requires that commercial drone operators adhere to strict guidelines. It’s important to work with certified drone companies for a significant undertaking such as agricultural management. If you are interested in improving farm efficiency and safety through a drone program, contact Wavepilot Aerial in Jacksonville Beach, FL, for a consultation or estimate today.


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