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Leadership Alex Fisher • As Wavepilot's founder, I oversee all flight and filming operations. I am a commercial pilot and aviation executive with 24 years of experience conducting aerial operations for Fortune 500 clients and government agencies including:

U.S. Navy
U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Department of Interior
California Forestry and Fire
Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue
U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command

I was previously a VP at MGM Studios in Los Angeles where I marketed movies for 14 years. I have served as aerial coordinator on films, TV shows, and commercials. Today I bring my aviation and marketing experience to the aerial photography and filmmaking industry in Jacksonville and North Florida.

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Collective Expertise Wavepilot draws on the talent of colleagues with expertise in many disciplines including pilots, photographers, videographers, editors, actors, and engineers. We deploy the specialists necessary to successfully execute every mission.

Wavepilot Aerial Expertise

Safety First and Always Safety is ingrained in our culture and it's our highest priority. Every flight meets or exceeds FAA regulations and best industry practices for safety. It's our professional commitment to every mission - from planning, to execution, to post-flight evaluation.

Safety. Service. Reliability.

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