Aerial LiDAR Services

Unparalleled Accuracy LiDAR penetrates foliage to reveal hidden terrain features to inform your design and planning.

Generate true-color 3D point cloud models.

Render centimeter-accurate reconstructions.

Import LiDAR data into your CAD and GIS applications.

Lidar True Color Point Cloud Image
LiDAR Digital Terrain Map

Digital Terrain Models
Use digital terrain and elevation models to plan site grading and drainage.

Produce updated drainage maps to mitigate FEMA flood insurance rates.

Create canopy height models to conduct stand counts and measure plant biomass.

Deliverable file types include LAS, XYZ, SHP, TIF, TIN, KMZ and more.

Expert GIS Analysis Get expert scientific advice on the best plan of action for your project - from concept to completion.

We produce comprehensive reports to help you make critical decisions that mitigate environmental impact and legal exposure.

Our clients include:                Land Developers •
General Contractors •
Grading Contractors •
Architects •
Engineers •
Consultants •

Expert GIS Analysis

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